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Operating in the market for 20 years, GS Automation is highly specialized in diversified businesses, offering a wide range of solutions for the process and hybrid industries, including industry-specific integrated automation, electrification and digital solutions, control technologies, advanced software and services, and measurement and analysis.
The keys to success are the highest applied technology, innovative solutions, and the ability to understand customers’ needs and provide them with innovative solutions.

GS Automation is built on a culture of integrity because we believe it is a prerequisite for a worldwide business. We remain firmly committed to our integrity program and activities that support global communications. Our program is fundamental within the company and is based on three pillars: prevention, detection, resolution.




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D-Box Innovation

Plant supervision and information system that allows to monitor and collect data from the instruments and send commands to the actuators.

D-Box is a standalone network device that has these features:

  • Scalable and compact architecture. 
  • Collects data from any equipment and transmits it to the client’s database.
  • It can directly control actuators such as valves, motors and switches.
  • Built-in alarm service to notify you of changes in device status.

D-Box is fit for:

  • offshore installations
  • onshore installations
  • installations in remote areas

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Our video Surveillance System

“Eagle Eye System” is a system implemented for industrial facilities to improve security. It offers end-to-end solutions, for various applications and vertical industries, including safe city, traffic management, retail, banking, finance and Energy sector.

The main system functions are

  • Real-time image display.
  • Local storage of images for up to several days with the highest quality.
  • Centralized storage at the central control room of video streams.
  • Possibility of reviewing the images.

System layout