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Our Mission

Empower people and companies through intelligent solutions.

Our Vision

Be a strategic and technological partner to provide solutions, solve problems and ensure performance.


Is unique capability is to meet a need, solve a problem, and provide a benefit to the customer

Our Contributions


  • Software development integrating different technological solutions.
  • Supervision and control of power plant protection systems.
  • Supervision, control and management.
  • Load sharing and shedding. 
  • Spervision and control of production in Oil&Gas plants.
  • Engineering, Maintenance and plant management software.
  • Fire & Gas System engineering, procurement, construction & maintenance.
  • Electrical & instrumentation works. 
  • Application of ICT solutions designed to improve safety, minimize transport time and consumptions. 

Water resources and ecology

  • Optimiziong resources. 
  • Monitoring pollution levels in water basins.
  • Monitoring of water supply and water basins. 

Telecommunications & networking

  • Transmission and radio network planning.
  • Telecontrol, monitoring & plant automation. 
  • Wireless, fiber opctic, satellite and integrated wide band networks.
  • Maintenance, follow-up and management of telecommunications networks. 


  • ISO 9001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • HSE
  • COMPLIANT 8108

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Main partners